The Vegan Files

Veganism is a lifestyle in which you do not consume animal/animal byproducts, wear animal skins/furs, use products that have been tested on animals, and essentially do not support any form of animal mistreatment;THIS MEANS EVERY ANIMAL.

Here's a guide of how to live a happy, simple, vegan life. In a world of meat and dairy propoganda, it probably seems hard to give so much up. I'm here to prove that you still have so many amazing vegan options and that how much you actually gain outweighs it.

Think of all the lives you will save!

Going vegan can change the world. By doing so, you will:

  1. Save the animals, obviously
  2. Save the environment
  3. Save people's lives
  4. Greatly improve your health

Here are some tricks and tips to yummy vegan food!